Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your massage studio located?
We are located at 509 Highbury Ave. N (Between Florence & Brydges) in London, Ontario. We operate by appointment only. There is parking right in front of our Studio for customers. We accept cash, visa, mastercard and debit.
What is the difference between a Practitioner and a Registered Massage Therapist?
Our Registered Massage Therapists have graduated the Massage Therapy Program and are Registered with CMTO. Registered Massage Therapists have over 2000+ hours of massage training, may perform relaxation massages as well as treat medical conditions and communicate with Doctors and other Medical Professionals. RMT's may issue a receipt with their Registration # on it for you to claim under your Health Insurance Benefit Plan. Practitioners offer massage in different modalities for relaxation purposes only. The price point for Practitioner massage is lower than the Registered Massage Therapist pricing but cannot be claimed to your insurance benefits. Our Current Practitioners also have over 2000+ hours in Massage training. All of our Therapist and Practitioners are very knowledgeable and skilled in techniques, however, they differ in their scope of practice.
Do you Issue Receipts to be Claimed towards Health Insurance Benefits?
If your massage was performed by a Registered Massage Therapist we will issue a receipt for you that you may claim towards your Health Insurance Benefits. If your massage was performed by a Practitioner you will also be issued a receipt but it will not be claimable under your Health Insurance Benefit Plan.
Do you do Direct Billing?
Currently we do not use Direct Billing but the Registered Massage Therapist will be able to issue you a Receipt for you to claim on your end towards your Health Insurance Benefit Plan.
Do you offer a mobile service to a client's home?
We are currently not offering mobile services to client’s homes but we plan to add them in the future.
What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept payment in cash or debit, visa or mastercard.

What can I expect on my first massage visit?

Our practitioner will have set up the table or chair with fresh linens for your massage. On your first visit please arrive ten minutes early to fill out your client intake form or you can print it and fill it out online and bring it with you for us to review.

What if I have mobility issues?

We complete the Client Intake Form and Health History Forms with you prior to your first massage. If you do have difficulty getting up on the table we may provide you with some assistance. The chair massage is a good alternative to table massage and produces the same benefits. Chairs are often more suitable to clients who have mobility issues.

What if I am sick or need to cancel my appointment?

We appreciate if you get in contact with us or leave us a message 24 hours before cancelling your appointment.

What if I have allergies?

When we take your health history, we will ask you about any allergies you may have. Our lotions are hypoallergenic and unscented. If you have an allergy to anything we use we will make modifications.

If I have a medical condition can I still receive a massage?

There are certain medical conditions which mean that you cannot receive a massage. When filling out the health history form we will be able to identify your condition and any contraindications or precautions we must take when massaging you .If there is ever a time where we are unsure how your condition will be affected by our massage we will request that you consult your doctor for clearance.

Why do I need to complete a Health History?

Prior to massaging anyone we complete a health history with our client. Although we would love to provide you with a massage there are certain conditions that are complete contraindications to massage. If you have one of these conditions we will not proceed to massage you because it may harm you - and we don’t want to hurt you because we care about our clients. Sometimes there are medical conditions that only contraindicate massage to certain areas of the body while other areas are fine to massage. Other medical conditions are precautions which mean you may receive a massage but we need to just be more careful with you. The health history we conduct with you is important because it will inform us of any contraindications or precautions you may have.